To provide youth lacrosse players of North Hills an extened chance to play lacrosse after the spring season ends.

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Gorilla's Core Values

As an organization, we believe it is important to share and develop
these core values with our athletes and their families.

These are the guiding principles of our program, coaches and athletes. They help bring transparency to the program and define our expectations of those who participate in Greater Pittsburgh Gorilla lacrosse.

  • Above all else, Respect and Honor the Creators' game. 

  • Accountability: For coaches, athletes and families: to ourselves and others in the program.

  • Family: We believe in the value of togetherness on and off the field. We promote family/team lacrosse.

  • Discipline and Competitiveness: We want athletes, coaches and families who understand that it takes dedication, sacrifice and practice to play at your best.

  • Fun: We want GPG families to have fun. We value that having fun is one of the greatest reasons to participate in athletics. 

  • Dedication: Our coaches, athletes and families care for one another. At Gorillas you are not just another player. We are all mutually dedicated to the program.

  • Highly Organized: Not just on the field, but as a program. We make sure participating families understand practice schedules, tournaments, and everything they need to know in a timely manner. We value that communication is a cornerstone to our families.  

  • Value: We believe that Gorillas should be affordable. Fees are based on what it costs to run the program and a fair profit for the organization.   

We also stay honest to our program by promising too: 

  • Not suddenly cancel a tournament last minute.
  • We will make sure you receive and are properly fitted for uniforms more than a day before a tournament.
  • We will not suddenly combine teams that are not age acceptable.  

These are things that have happened to families and left them hanging and sometimes out substantial money or waiting for refunds at other local programs.  Perform your due diligence and background checks to a program or director before you write a check.  Check the Better Business Bureau website for ratings.  In other words we live by the Golden Rule; treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.